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I’ve never been in this place before so I can’t begin to tell you what it looks like

Only that it feels like water when the ocean waves crest together to create something beautiful.

It causes a stir. It’s violent yet graceful. It can’t be man-made or it could be controlled.

The place feels like familiar with a hint of something different. Something stronger than can be identified without a deeper sense.

I’m compelled to take a closer look. To adventure into the unknown. Unsure of what I’ll find but thinking I’m on the discovery of a lifetime.

It wraps…


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She throws salt on her thighs

Tells herself it’s just a situation

Deep whispers, dark tunnels

Locomotion movements that require reservation

Call it damage, call it pain

Call it self preservation built in vain

We all know what it feels like

A wet slither up the neck

A heated blow that’s just a bit wet

Don’t say what’s hidden doesn’t come to light

Deny, dehumanize, relinquish your position in the fight

When it knocks on your door will you pay attention

Will you give notice to that invisible sign that no one dares to mention

Let’s all join in hands

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Bubbles, paint, side-eye, lo-fi. How did I get here?

In a place that’s no waste to time and space, yet holds higher meaning than can be erased. Who am I is asked more times than once and I seek to find what I believe is lost. I’m tossed.

Imagine a space in a cocoon of dreams soaring in the sky and losing its taste. I hold the heart of a closed door, grasp in the air searching for more. More, I find more — more time, more love, more truth, more meaning. I find the life I live is…


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Poetry comes out from the closet like light bursting through seams of darkness. You’re born with it…it comes naturally to you. Sparks ideas of the mind and yet it taxes you. Takes you to another level. Let’s you thrive on words by design. Eating thick lines off good plates inspiring your season with time. Elements traceable to experiences known by you. Hooked into an explosive connection that blows like fire. Your mouth becomes a cannon, delicious rhymes and pain subdued through the shine that encases your heart.

Cause poetry lives there. It needs no spotlight it does not starve for…

Elaina Michelle

Exploring the world with my words. Living wholehearted and eating cake!

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